Create a great first impression while reducing your employee onboarding costs by 80%

Create Efficiencies
Powerful employment contract construction and reviews, ensuring you secure first choice candidates quickly.

Reduce Compliance Risks
Ensures contract forms and policies are approved securely online before Day One.

Day One Readiness
Automatically informs multiple Departments in preparation for Day One readiness.

Web based Onboarding

Imagine eliminating 80% of your manual onboarding costs, whilst also improving engagement with your new hires.

Onboard Express allows you to quickly construct and issue personalised employment contracts, forms and policy documents to new hires. It enables them to be reviewed and approved, so they can be quickly issued.

Your candidates login securely to their personalised portal to review and approve their employment contract, complete and accept important forms and policies online using mobile PIN security.

The system allows you to include business Information, welcome packs and corporate videos to reinforce your business culture before they start. The system then alerts relevant departments such as IT and Payroll to prepare for Day One readiness.

Reduce attrition and compliance risks

  • Enables all contracts to be quickly created, reviewed and issued electronically
  • Allows new hires to accept employment contracts, forms and policies securely online
  • Reinforces your brand by promoting your values, culture and goals via a secure candidate portal
  • Enables candidates to access their onboarding pack and complete instantly via browsers, tablets or smartphones
  • Improves communication and productivity due to all departments being Day One ready
  • Improves onboarding process visibility via HR dashboard and provides the ability to configure reminders and notices.

Easy to implement, Intuitive to use

Our solution creates significant efficiencies for your HR team and selected candidate.

Onboard Express is initiated after a person has been selected through your recruitment process. It allows you to create your employment contract and onboarding packs, and have everything approved and sent electronically.

Your candidate receives an SMS and email to login to their secure, personalised portal. The Onboard Express portal can include videos, corporate or marketing information, their letter of offer, forms and policies to review and approve online. Once accepted, all relevant Departments are notified for Day One readiness.

Contract construction & reviews

Highly configurable employment contract creation. Multiple optional reviews.
Once the employment contract is completed, you can send for multiple reviews and approvals before issuing to the candidate.

Digital Acceptance

Digital acceptance

Personalised candidate portal
The candidate’s personalised portal allows you to customise the information displayed to each candidate.

Digital information capture
Intelligent online forms capture candidate’s data without duplication.

Digital signature approvals
Candidates can complete and accept all employment forms, policies and contracts online.
A digital validation step via your mobile phone provides additional security.

Day One readiness & integration

Unique processing satisfies privacy handling of information such as tax file numbers.

Day One readiness
The system notifies all stakeholders about the new starter, including providing relevant set up information to IT and Payroll to ensure Day One readiness.

Systems integration
We have successfully integrated with recruitment and HRIS systems, and can integrate with most systems using an open API.

How it works

Onboard Express
How it works
Digital Acceptance

Digital Acceptance

Once a candidate is happy to formally accept their employment contract, onboarding forms and policy documents, the system includes an additional digital security validation step.
The system also provides a full audit trail of the offer and acceptance.

Contract Assembly

Contract Assembly

This shows how the contract is assembled.
The HR Manager adds in known fields to prepare the contract and all relevant forms, policy documents and documents specific to that candidate.
Once completed, it is sent for review and approvals.

HR Dashboard

HR Dashboard

The HR Manager’s dashboard provides a quick progress snapshot for each candidate being onboarded.
From the dashboard, the HR Manager can create new candidates and onboarding packs.

Integration Partners

Onboard Express can integrate with most systems using an open API.

Our partners include:

Contact us to discuss your integration requirements.

Onboard Express vs Manual Onboarding

If your team is still manually creating Candidate Onboarding Packs, watch this video to see how easy it is to convert to our secure, paperless system which will save you countless hours and improve the Candidate experience!

ROI Savings Calculator

Get a clearer idea of your current Onboarding costs, and the savings you could realise by implementing Onboard Express.

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