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Asked Questions

What is onboarding software?
Onboarding software is designed to automate and streamline many of the more time-consuming HR administrative tasks that come with bringing new employees into an organisation.
What is the benefit of using onboarding software?
Paperless system! Forget printing and storing thousands of pages of onboarding information. Onboarding Software allows you to quickly and effectively manage staff onboarding.
How much time or money can I save with implementing Onboard Express?

This is all dependant on the size and scope of each company. We have seen customers move from onboarding new employees from two weeks down to two days. Chat with our team to learn how much time you could save

What Industries do your serve?

We can serve all types of industries, but those with high turnover is a closer fit for our software

What company sizes suit your software?

Companies that employ large numbers of people on either Permanent / Casual or Part-time basis and want an efficient, innovative experience for new employees to join the company.

What Integrations are available?
Integrate with the tools you already use! Improve your productivity, workflow and let your team do its best work with our advanced and easy integrations. We are not limited to those listed on our website, please let us know if there is a certain tool you need Onboard Express to integrate with. Click here to see our list of some of our integrations
What is the cost of your software?

Every business is unique in terms of how many they need to onboard and requirements, so pricing is dependant on a few factors which we will discuss with you.

What countries do your service?

We provide onboarding software for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

How easy is it to customise contracts?

We are known for our efficient web based onboarding solution allows you to quickly construct and issue personalised employment contracts, forms and policy documents to new hires. It enables them to be reviewed and approved so they can be quickly issued.

Will I get timely support?

The feedback from our customers is the love and value of our  support team - we pride ourselves on having the best support available.

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