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Onboard Express: The Key to Compliance and Data Security

With sensitive employee information being collected and stored during onboarding, it’s crucial that your company has the right tools in place to ensure data is protected and regulatory requirements are met, you understand the importance of compliance and data security in the onboarding process.

Onboard Express offers security and compliance features that are designed to protect sensitive employee data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. These features include data encryption, access controls, compliance management, audit trails, and secure document storage.

Our security and compliance features have been successful in regulated industries, such as health services, and have helped companies improve data security and reduce compliance risks. By using Onboard Express, HR managers can focus on building relationships with new hires and providing a smooth onboarding experience, rather than worrying about compliance and data security.

Our security and compliance features are designed to help you meet these requirements:

  1. Data Encryption: Onboard Express uses industry-standard encryption to protect sensitive employee information. This ensures that data is secure in transit and meets regulatory requirements for data protection.
  2. Access controls: Onboard Express’s access controls allow you to specify who has access to sensitive employee information and what actions they can perform. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access and manage employee data and helps to prevent unauthorised access or breaches.
  3. Compliance: Onboard Express is designed to help your company meet a variety of compliance requirements. This includes compliance with regulations such as the Australian Privacy Act and whilst Australia is not required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we are well down that road as well. Our compliance features make it easy to manage and demonstrate compliance with these regulations.
  4. Audit trails: Our audit trails allow you to track and review all actions taken within the system. This ensures that you can easily identify and rectify any issues that may arise and helps to maintain compliance with regulations.
  5. Secure document storage: We also offers a feature for secure document storage. This allows you to store sensitive documents such as contracts, offer letters, and employee information in a secure location that is accessible only by authorised personnel.

Onboard Express’s security and compliance features have been designed to help companies meet regulatory requirements and protect sensitive data.

Our current customers in regulated industries have seen success with our software, including Southern Cross Care Queensland, an aged care services company that was able to meet regulatory requirements and improve data security after implementing Onboard Express. Another customer, KFC, was able to automate their onboarding process and reduce compliance risks with Onboard Express.

In conclusion, our security and compliance features offer a comprehensive solution for protecting sensitive data and meeting regulatory requirements. By using data encryption, access controls, and other security features, Onboard Express can help HR managers ensure compliance and protect sensitive employee information during the onboarding process.

By implementing Onboard Express, HR managers can focus on building relationships with new hires and providing a smooth transition into their new role, rather than worrying about compliance and data security.