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Save 80% of your onboarding costs
and enhance your employer brand

Imagine eliminating 80% of your manual onboarding costs, whilst also improving engagement with your new hires. With Onboard Express you can quickly construct and issue company branded employment documents, quickly review and approve within our secure personalised portal. Our portal allows you to include business information, welcome packs and corporate videos to reinforce your business culture before your new employee starts with all your relevant departments like payroll being notified to prepare for Day One readiness.
Create Efficiencies

Powerful employment contract construction and reviews, ensuring you secure first choice candidates quickly.

Reduce Compliance Risks

Ensures contract forms and policies are approved securely online before Day One.

Day One Readiness

Automatically informs multiple Departments in preparation for Day One readiness.

// Onboarding for over 10 years

We focus on one thing. Onboarding. Which means extensive capabilities.

Our approach was to become the best at what we do and focus on purely just that. Onboarding Software. For us it was about making sure that our clients had the best tools, technologies and features at their disposal when they needed it.
Let's talk HR Software. You may be considering an all-in-one solution and be tempted at the thought of the inclusion of an 'Onboarding Module' within the platform. We get it, but one-size fits all HR software might promise the world, but the feedback we receive is that the onboarding module has lacklustre features and modest support available. How many compromises do you want to make to achieve this “all in one” solution? So the question is, why go for a compromised “all in one” solution when our “best of breed” solution can integrate with most of these “all in one” solutions?

No other onboarding software has the capabilities in contracts, automation and support that we provide our clients

// Reduce Compliance Risk

Powerful Employee
Contract Construction

A powerful employment contract construction and review workflow ensure you secure more first choice candidates quickly. You will reduce compliance risk by ensuring contract, forms and policies are digitally agreed before start date. All relevant departments are automatically notified about the new employee to ensure the organisation is ready with all equipment and facilities for Day 1.

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Leverage Onboarding Software
to streamline your process

Employee Experience
We love a great onboarding process and know the importance of not wasting your first impression.
Ease Of Use
Implementing Onboarding Software doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming with your own dedicated project manager.
Set your compliant onboarding process up and our onboarding software will make sure it happens every time.
Advanced Contracts
Create powerful employment contract construction and review workflow ensure you secure more first choice candidates quickly.
OB Integration Partners
// A Single unified experience

Our Integrations

Onboard Express integration allows you to have the best in Onboarding Software with the peace of mind of a seamless user experience. We provide the process of merging the functionality of Onboard Express with another applications to provide users with a single unified experience. It allows you to provide your team with an ideal mix of features and getting the best onboarding software out there.
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Dedicated Project Manager

We’re committed to your success. Implementing a new system can be daunting, stressful and something we help put your mind at ease. You’re not alone when it comes to your new onboarding system. We provide your own dedicated project manager and have phone, email and online support tools available to help you every step of the way.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Christie Lockyer
HR Director, Billabong Group
Our HR Team and our Store Managers have found the new onboarding system so easy and quick to use. We've been really happy with the system, and working with the Affirm team.
Recruitment Manager
Large International Construction Company
Our new onboarding solution from Affirm Software better projects the image that we want new employees to have of our company - as an innovative and leading edge construction company.

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