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We do one thing
And we do it the best

When you focus the last 10+ years on one thing  its bound to lead to an amazing solution! Our experienced consultants will support you through the entire process resulting in this amazing solution being up and running with a minimum of effort from your team.
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Hyper-focused on onboarding

There is something special and a little scary about the first few days on the job. For the employee its that initial impression and experience they receive from that organisation. At Onboard Express we have been hyper-focused for the last ten years to offer the most advanced and functionality rich platform. 

Introducing Onboard Express
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Most Customisable
Most Functional

There is no other Onboarding Software on the market that has the type of customisation and functionality that Onboard Express provides. We have focused on one thing… Onboarding Software for the past ten years and with that experience comes software that is powerful. 

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Our Benefits

ROI in months

Being a specialised solution, your training, implementation and effectiveness is achieved straight off the bat.

Exactly what you need it to do

Being a best-of-breed software, our software does exactly what you need it to do


Our software allows for compliance and automation.

Better Functionality

We have focused on onboarding software for the past ten years which means better functionality and features for you.

Project Manager

You get your own dedicated project manager to help you every step of the way

Easy Integration

We offer significant flexibility with the ability to connect to multiple systems with ease.

Our Software Offers

I'm a HR Manager ...
As a HR Manager, you want to get your new candidates onboarded quickly and efficiently. You don't want to spend time preparing onboarding packs, couriering them out to candidates, chasing them up to be returned, and potentially having to scan them in for record keeping.

1. Reduce costs and administration time by onboarding staff quickly.

2. Secure legally binding digital acceptance with ID checking increases speed to acceptance times.

3. Snapshot view of status of candidates via a dashboard.

4. Employ more of your 1st choice candidates quickly by gaining letter of offer acceptance quickly.

5. Improve your overall employee retention rates by having an efficient onboarding system.

I'm a new Employee ...
When you start a new role, you are faced with time consuming forms and paperwork to complete, which often requires the same information.

1. Never enter the same data twice on forms, saving you time and creating a fantastic impression of your new company.

2. On accepting your letter of offer, you can see all conditions, policies and corporate information to really understand your new company

3. The onboarding process can be completed from any device, and completed at your convenience.

4. The electronic onboarding process is so impressive and easy to use, it reinforces that I'm joining a leading edge company.

// A Single unified experience

Our Integrations

Onboard Express integration allows you to have the best in Onboarding Software with the peace of mind of a seamless user experience. We provide the process of merging the functionality of Onboard Express with another applications to provide users with a single unified experience. It allows you to provide your team with an ideal mix of features and getting the best onboarding software out there.
// High turnover focus

Some of the Industries
we serve

Gaming & Entertainment
Gaming & Entertainment
The overall growth of the entertainment industry is set to create thousands of additional jobs.
Information Technology
Information Technology
LinkedIn has found that the technology industry has the highest turnover of any industry, at 13.2%, with our field, IT, averaging 13%
Retail & Distribution
Retail & Distribution
Against a national average of just 16%, the turnover of retail employees sits around 41% every year.
Business & Finance
Business & Finance
The overall turnover rate in the financial services industry in 2017 was 27.5 with 16.2% being voluntary turnover
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Our experience in a wide range of industries allows us to bring valuable insights and solutions to our customers.

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