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Onboarding Costs

Don’t let hiring a new employee drain resources!
Make the experience effective, efficient and easy for both you the employer and the new employee.
Leverage onboarding software to streamline your processes

Save 80% of your onboarding costs
and enhance your employer brand

Imagine eliminating 80% of your manual onboarding costs, whilst also improving engagement with your new hires. Quickly construct and issue company branded employment documents, quickly review and approve within our secure personalised portal. 

Onboarding requires a lot of paperwork — from their personal details through to tax forms and employee handbooks, the list goes on. You’re probably not too concerned about the spend on the ink and paper hitting your bottom line. The real cost to you is time. The time it takes to manage the completion onboarding process and that administration and paperwork that’s involved. 

Think about your hourly rate, the amount of new employees you hire and the amount of hours it takes to process and onboard them from start to finish… that amount will quickly add up! Using Onboarding Software you can save up to 80% of onboarding costs and get a return on investment within months!

// Digital Onboarding

Stop wasting time!
No back and forth

Without a doubt, one of the biggest headaches we hear is the time, effort and resources that emailing, scanning, printing and just the back and forth with new employees means to you and your business. With a few click of a button this back and forth is a thing of the past!

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