Onboard Express



// Easy to use & intuitive

Employee Contracts

Quickly and securely create and issue personalised employment documentations
// Day one ready

Powerful Employment Contracts and Workflows

  • Create powerful employment contract construction and review workflow, ensuring you secure more first choice candidates quickly. 

  • Reduce compliance risk as Onboard Express will mandate that the contract, forms and policies are all digitally agreed before the Onboarding process can be completed.

  • All relevant departments are automatically notified about the new employee to ensure the organisation is ready with all equipment and facilities for Day One.
// Work Rights checks

VEVO Checks Made Easy

Work Rights checks are a critical part of every onboarding process. The check can only be completed using the Department’s VEVO database either directly or through an accredited provider. With our partnership with WorkPro, our digital new employee onboarding service has the functionality to perform real time Work Rights checks..

// Reduce Compliance Risk

Powerful Employee
Contract Construction

// our service

Some features

Multiple letters of offer stored on the system and customised specific to the offer made to a candidate
Online acceptance of company policies and welcome information such as corporate videos sent with the letter of offer
The system sends notifications and documentation to IT and payroll to set up for the new starter and can integrate with recruitment or payroll systems