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W hen the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games management team needed to onboard over 2,000 employees very quickly, efficiently and compliantly, who did they turn to? After an exhaustive tender process, Australia’s most experienced New Employee Onboarding provider Onboard Express was chosen.

Congratulations to Victoria for becoming the host state of the 2026 Commonwealth Games

When the commonwealth games needed to employee thousands of employees to manage the games, they turned to SEEK. Seek developed the GC2018 Jobs destination to promote the Games employment opportunities, which saw a whopping 76,000 applications and with this they narrowed this down and hired over 2,000 staff to help run the Games. This included areas such as Transport, Logistics, Contract Management, Marketing, Engineering, Events, Finance, Program Management, Procurement and Spectator Services. 

The challenge faced with the Commonwealth Games was hiring a large group of people for single positions with ease, and that’s where Bulk Onboarding, created by Onboard Express was a real hit. The brief was to make bulk onboarding a simple click of a button.


Bulk Onboarding Was The Key!

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games was able to take advantage of the many features of Onboard Express, and more specifically, the bulk onboarding feature. 

Bulk onboarding is about advertising one position, but requiring multiple people to fill the same role. When these successful candidates come into the business, they are onboarded at the same time, with the click of a button, saving significant time. 

Time is exactly what the Commonwealth Games saved. When one position was advertised for the Games, they recruited multiple people to the role. With a click of a button, all selected candidates were onboarded at once, sometimes upwards of 50 people. 

With a significant recruitment requirement, the Games also required full integration with their chosen Talent Management Service provider, JobAdder. Onboard Express was able to deliver a seamless candidate and HR experience, moving data between JobAdder and Onboard Express at the click of a button via API . Being a time based event that concluded just as quickly as it started, there was a vast number of employees that finished up with the Games within a short period of time. The Onboard Express Departure module was able to manage the exit process for this vast, but temporary workforce providing rich analytics to the Games and a top class experience for the exiting employees. The Payroll and IT teams at the Games were also exposed to this top class experience with workflows advising them of what they needed to do to finalise the employee with the Games.  

Compliance was critical in the Onboarding process. The dual challenges of compliance alongside   the need for speed and efficiency was recognised by the Games as a tightrope that they needed to traverse.  With Onboard Express, the process remained compliant, protecting the privacy of everyone onboarded whilst completing the process in a timely manner.

It is no surprise that when it comes to Onboarding Software, Onboard Express is the leader in this market. 

 Reach out to the team to learn more about this software and how we can help your business streamline your onboarding process. You may even need to  take advantage of the bulk onboarding as the Games did, whilst delivering compliance for every new employee.

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